I dream of a future in which all people are nourished by safe, whole, nutritious, and ethically produced food prepared with intention and shared in community. I dream of a future where this process returns us to the natural cycle in which life begets life through an interconnected web of beneficial relationships, human needs are met in ways that strengthen (rather than undermine) ecosystems, and waste is an outdated concept.

By closing this loop, we can maintain healthy bodies and minds, find peace with each other, and heal the planet. I dream of lush, ancient forests and food as medicine. I dream of leafy greens.

Kat Zimmer picHi, I’m Kat! Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s a space for articles I’ve published and for stories from my work. I like to write about current social and environmental issues. Many posts are from my experiences with an organic gardening internship on Moloka’i, Hawaii in 2013, or my research journey to permaculture sites across the US in 2014. When I’m not writing, I can be found hiking beautiful island trails around my home of Victoria BC, or learning by messy experience in my garden.

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  1. Posted by Tricia Toner on February 23, 2013 at 4:42 am

    Katherine, I am so impressed with your blog. You have a gift for writing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and viewing the amazing photos! I am so happy for you…you’re living a dream! And I’m proud of you for standing by your principles and being proactive. I agree with what you believe, In respecting the earth we respect ourselves and save ourselves from destruction. Thanks for sharing what you learned! Your blog is giving me a push to take the steps myself to become more educated about what is happening and to share this knowledge about what is being produced and what people are actually ingesting. After all, I’m graduating this year and I will be an advocate for what is healthy for body-mind-spirit.

    I always felt so lucky to know you and your family. I always appreciated the enthusiasm your parents had for gardening, and appreciated reaping the benefits of their hard work. I can still taste those fresh strawberries and tomatoes, and I haven’t tasted anything like it since! I still remember the uninhibited joy on their faces when sitting with them to share what they harvested. It was a celebration! And I remember the joy on their faces when they saw how we enjoyed the pure deliciousness. I’m sure that Dan and Tina remember this well. It was like we were doing what we were meant to do.

    Take care!



    • Tricia, it is so wonderful to hear this from you, it makes me so happy to hear from folks who are reading this blog and so great to know you are taking away something of value from it. It’s been such a great learning experience for me so far and you’re right, I am living a dream – my dream. It’s funny how we end up like our parents in so many ways.. I remember very distinctly the flavour of those strawberries and tomatoes too, and I know this had a lot to do with my motivation to grow my own. I’m very lucky to have grown up around it–most kids don’t have such an opportunity. I hope you will continue to be inspired by this blog to learn more, please feel free to share anything you come across that you find helpful too and I can repost! I am glad we have been able to keep in contact as the years go by and I am really proud of you for choosing to follow your passion. Congratulations on your graduation, I will love to catch up with you sometime and hear more about all the things you have been learning. All the best!


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